August 06, 2005

Poll: Call to the People

Help! I am under siege. There is already dissention in the ranks for naming our baby. I didn't think it would come so soon. I blame myself really. If I hadn't purchased that gender test, I would have been able to build a case for certain names that I like to remain on the list for at least one or two more months.

Everything was working so well. We were being very equitable about putting names on the short list. We shared in the experience of taking the highlighted prospects from "The Perfect Name: A Step-By-Step Guide to Naming Your Baby" book and placing them onto a written list. We combined the first names with the last name to see what worked. This action narrowed the field quite a bit, because not all names go with my last name very well.

Now, Kim is trying to take control. She has already rejected a name on the list. And it just so happens to be a name that I like. I think this name rejection to be very premature. We are only entering the second trimester. Should we really be rejecting names that reside on the short list now?

I'm taking my problem to the people. This is your first of many chances to sway the balance of power between him and Kim. I need your help. Here is a poll with the name in question, and I want to see what you say about this name. I'm not saying that I want this name for our daughter but I just think it is premature to just cast it aside as Kim has done. Please tell as many people you can to stop by and cast their vote. I want this poll to be statistically relevant, and the more people who vote will achieve that.

The Name is Maura. Kim seems to think that the name doesn't work. I think it sounds kind of cool. Picture this... Maura sounds like a girl that won't like mainstream music. She will like indie bands and go to small venue concerts instead of Backstreet Boys type shows. Maura sounds like she will be deep, a thinker, always looking to expand her mind. She isn't just interested in the superficial. If she is good looking Maura wouldn't lean toward the slutty side. The slightly quirky name mellows out her looks and keeps her grounded. Like I said I don't necessarily want it, but I think the name warrants consideration.

What do you think?
Should she stay on the list for now?
The results of the poll will decide if the name stays or goes.
Click for Poll

Posted by him at August 6, 2005 11:44 AM

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